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How to buy Exercise dress for ladies

How to buy Exercise dress for ladies

When it comes to activewear, functionality and style are equally important. Exercise dress has become a popular choice among women seeking comfort and versatility. Before making a purchase, assess your typical workout routine.

Different exercise dresses cater to various activities. If you're into high-intensity workouts, choose a dress with moisture-wicking fabric. Comfortable clothing might be more suitable for low-impact activities or casual wear.

These dresses have shorts and a bra built into them, making them comfy and supportive for activities. You can also wear them as stylish outfits for sightseeing and casual walks during the day. They're great for packing in your weekend bag, so you'll be prepared for any activity on your next trip. Please review our list of the best 10 exercise dresses to bring!

What is exercise dress?

exercise dress

An exercise dress is a type of athletic wear designed for women. That combines the comfort and functionality of a workout with the style. These dresses feature built-in shorts or leggings. Sometimes, a built-in bra provides:

  • Support and flexibility for various physical activities such as hiking.
  • Playing sports like pickleball.
  • Working out at the gym.

The dresses often allow them to transition seamlessly from athletic activities. For casual daytime wear, I am making them versatile for different occasions. They are a convenient and practical option. Who want comfort and style in their active lifestyle clothing.

Ten best exercise dresses

The best overall: Outdoor Voices

The best budget buy: Halara

The best for every day: Abercrombie

high impact workouts: Athleta

medium-impact workouts: Girlfriend Collective

light workouts: Madewell Flex

best for tennis: Lululemon

for jogging: Outdoor Voices Court Dress

Best for golf: Adidas

removable shorts: Zella

1. The best overall: Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices shows you can do different activities while wearing a particular dress. This dress is made for easy breathing, with straps you can adjust. And a loose fit that lets you move comfortably and gives support. It has shorts built into it with pockets on the sides. So you can keep your phone or keys safe and move around without using your hands. The dress comes in many colors, but my favorite is bright orange.

2. The best budget buy: Halara

This affordable activity dress from Halara is super comfy and looks lovely. Madison Flager, a senior editor, loves it! You can wear it with or without a bra, with shorts underneath that stay in place. It comes in many cool colors. And even an extended version if you want more leg coverage.

3. The best for every day: Abercrombie

This Traveler mini dress is excellent for anywhere you go. Whether hiking in Sedona or having lunch in Portland, this dress is perfect. You can make it fancier with a sweater or accessories. It comes in primary colors (black and white) and fun colors like light pink and lime. You can pick the size that fits you best: petite, regular, or tall, so it's just the right length for you.

4. Best for high-impact workouts: Athleta

Perfect for workouts at the gym that are tough. The Levitate dress gives good support on top and has a fun, wide skirt at the waist. It doesn't get wrinkled or damaged easily. so you don't have to worry about getting caught or torn. When you pack it in your bag, the SwiftLife fabric from Athleta is made to keep you cool. When you're sweating, it also gives you UPF 50+ protection.

5. Best for medium-impact workouts: Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective made this dress thinking about its popular Paloma bra. It's made from a particular Compressive fabric that gives good support for activities like hiking, tennis, or going to the gym. You can wear it for those things and still look cute enough for a lunch date or museum visit. And guess what? It's made from 79 percent recycled plastic bottles, which is excellent!

6. Best for light workouts: Madewell Flex

This Madewell dress is super popular and significant for easy exercises. It's made to keep you dry from sweat. It lets you move with its stretchy fabric. People like it! The dress has a scoop neck, a cute skirt, and a unique cut-out on the back, making it sporty and girly.

You have the option to place your phone in the side pockets. There's an extra pocket for your tennis ball. Plus, it comes in many sizes, from very small to very big. So that everyone can find a size that suits them.

7. Best for tennis: Lululemon

Lululemon made a unique dress just for playing tennis called the Everlux dress. It has a pocket on the inside that can hold a tennis ball and your phone at the same time. The dress is made from Lululemon's fastest-drying fabric. It's good at keeping sweat away.

It's also light and can stretch in four ways, making it comfy even if you're playing hard and getting sweaty on the court. The dress will keep you cool because it's made from breathable material. You'll have a stylish and matching outfit if you wear it with Lululemon's white Strongfeel training shoes.

8. Best for jogging: Outdoor Voices Court Dress

Here's another fabulous dress from Outdoor Voices called the Court Dress. It's made to resemble a mix of two other favorite Outdoor Voices items, the scoop-neck Double Time Bra and the Court Skort.

Outdoor Voices Court Dress

The dress is perfect for hot days. Whether you're playing on the court, jogging, skateboarding, or just walking your dog (but remember to put sunscreen on your back). It has unique cut-out details and a wide, sporty elastic waistband that comforts it. The dress has shorts attached, and there are two pockets where you can put your phone or keys. You can get it in black, white, or light pink.

9. Best for golf: Adidas

When the weather is a bit colder outside, you can wear the Adidas golf dress with long sleeves to ensure you stay warm. This dress is designed to keep you comfortable during your golf game. It has handy side pockets to keep small things with you, and separate shorts are underneath.

The dress also has a half-zip design with the famous Adidas logo, giving it a sporty look. What's great is that the fit of the dress is just right – not too tight. So you can play golf comfortably all day long without feeling restricted. It's a perfect choice for those chillier outdoor days. When you still want to enjoy your game in comfort and style.

10. Best for removable shorts: Zella

Nordstrom's athleisure brand, Zella, has a super cool minidress that's sporty and flirty. What's great about this dress is that it comes with removable shorts. Usually, dresses with built-in shorts are fantastic for golf days. But with this one, you can take the shorts off, making it even more versatile for everyday wear.

The dress has a high neckline, giving it a sleek and stylish look. You can wear it with flats for a chic appearance or pair it with athletic shoes and a sling bag for a sporty vibe. The material is soft and stretchy, providing a comfortable feel.  And guess what? It has side pockets!

You can use them to carry golf balls, your AirPods case, or your phone – so convenient! This dress is perfect for looking good and feeling comfy, whether on the golf course or just enjoying your day-to-day activities.

Why is it important to choose a suitable exercise dress?

Choosing the proper exercise dress is essential for several reasons:

1. Comfort

A suitable exercise dress makes you feel comfortable during your workout. The right fabric, fit, and design prevent chafing, irritation, or distractions. It allows you to focus on your exercise routine.

2. Performance

The proper exercise dress can enhance your performance. Breathable fabrics, moisture-wicking properties, and the appropriate cut can help regulate your temperature. And enable a complete range of motion.

3. Support

 A suitable dress provides support depending on the type of exercise. Proper support can prevent discomfort and injuries—a sports bra built into the dress or additional features for high-impact activities.

4. Versatility

 A good exercise dress is versatile. Sufficient for transitioning from one activity to another. It should be suitable for various exercises. Running, yoga, or weightlifting eliminates the need for multiple outfits.

5. Mental well-being

You are wearing an appropriate dress that makes you suitable. And can positively impact your mental attitude. Feeling confident and comfortable in your outfit can create more enjoyment.

6. Durability

 A well-chosen exercise dress is made from durable materials. that can withstand the rigors of regular workouts. This ensures your clothing remains in good condition, saving you money.

Selecting a suitable exercise dress is crucial for your physical performance. And the longevity of your workout attire. It's a practical and vital decision.

How to choose?

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