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How to wear yoga pants with yoga classes?

by ruofan 07 Mar 2024

Yoga has become popular for people who enjoy it to feel strong, calm, and happy. But did you know what you wear during yoga can make a big difference? Wearing the right clothes can help you feel comfortable and do your best in class. This article will explore the essentials of yoga class clothing, particularly what to wear with yoga pants.

Understanding Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are crafted from stretchy, resilient fabrics like spandex, polyester, and nylon blends, designed to support and move with the body during exercise. These materials are chosen for their elasticity, durability, and moisture-wicking properties, ensuring the wearer stays comfortable and dry.

The hallmark of yoga pants is their wide, supportive waistband, which offers comfort and can sometimes provide a flattering silhouette. Unlike their counterpart, leggings, yoga pants are designed with a focus on both functionality and fashion, offering varying fits from snug to flared styles. Their versatility has allowed them to transcend the gym or yoga studio, becoming a favored choice for casual wear due to their blend of comfort, coverage, and style.

Why You Need Yoga Clothing

yoga pants

Yoga clothing serves several important purposes that contribute to a more effective practice:

1. Flexibility

Yoga involves many different moves, like stretching and bending. While regular clothes might make it difficult to perform some of these moves, yoga clothes are made of stretchy material, so you can move around without feeling stuck or uncomfortable.

2. Moisture-wicking

Yoga can be a sweaty practice. Regular cotton shirts and sweatpants can trap moisture, making you feel damp and uncomfortable. These clothes are made from breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics that pull sweat away from your skin. And keep you cool and dry.

3. Chafe-free

Regular clothes can sometimes annoy you when you're doing yoga. But yoga clothes are made to feel smooth and cozy, so they won't bother your skin and make you feel icky, especially in spots that bend a lot, like your legs.

4. Focus and Mentality

Wearing comfortable, unrestricted clothing can help you focus on your practice. You'll be less distracted by feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable in your clothes.

5. Confidence

Putting on clothes designed for yoga can set the mental tone for your practice. It can signal to yourself that you're ready to focus on your workout and improve your mind and body.

What tops go with yoga pants?

yoga pants

Yoga emphasizes the connection between mind and body; wearing the right attire can enhance this experience. Prioritizing flexibility, breathability, and comfort in your clothing choices is essential for immersing yourself in your practice. Before you begin your session, ensure that your attire allows you to move freely and comfortably. Flexibility, breathability, and comfort are key factors in selecting the right yoga clothing. 

You can engage in your practice and embrace the yogi lifestyle by choosing the proper attire. Yoga pants can be paired with various tops, depending on your preference. Here are some options:

1. Yoga Tops

In most classes, a fitted top offers the comfort you need. Avoid the hassle of adjusting your shirt mid-pose by opting for a snug fit that provides support during inversions. Look for sweat-wicking fabrics and avoid tags and seams that irritate your skin. Prioritize breathability and flexibility when selecting your top. Whether it's a yoga crop top, short-sleeve option, or a vest, choose a style that suits your preferences and enhances your practice.

2. T-Shirts

T-shirts are great for yoga because they're comfy and keep you cool by letting air flow through. Look for ones made from soft material that stops sweat. Make sure they're not too tight so you can stretch comfortably. Some even have special stitching to stop rubbing. You can find lots of different designs to match your yoga style.

3. Yoga Sports Bras

A supportive bra is essential when dressing for yoga. Opt for one that's comfortable and fits well. It should offer good coverage to ensure you feel secure and supported during any yoga practice. Choose a sports bra without fastenings to prevent discomfort from anything digging into your back. Check out iuga yoga bras crafted for flexible flows. If you need help with how your sports bra should fit, refer to our guide.

4. Yoga Leotard

Did you know that workout clothes can also look stylish? The Yoga Leo is a perfect example! It's a special outfit that makes yogis feel amazing during practice. A leotard should fit snugly, like a comfy glove, so that you can move easily. Unlike regular leggings and tops, yoga unitards don't have tight waistbands, so you can bend and stretch without feeling stuck. Remember to check the straps of your leotard—thicker ones won't slip off your shoulders while you move.

5. Yoga Jackets or Hoodies

Yoga jackets or hoodies are great for keeping warm before and after your yoga practice. They're cozy and comfortable, providing the right amount of warmth without overheating. A zip-up hoodie or jacket is convenient for layering and easy to take on and off. Choose one with pockets to keep your essentials handy, like your phone or keys. 

You can walk to and from the studio with a yoga jacket or hoodie. If you go to yoga when it's cold outside, you can wear a light jacket or hoodie to stay warm before and after class.

6. Yoga Crop Tops

Yoga crop tops are short shirts that are perfect for yoga. They're like regular shirts, but they stop above your belly button. This means your tummy stays cool while you move. Crop tops are usually made from stretchy, soft fabric, so they feel comfy and let you move freely. They're great for yoga because they don't get in the way when you bend and stretch. You can find crop tops in many colors and patterns to match your style for a yoga class.

Both tight and loose tops can go well with pants, depending on your style and comfort preferences. If you prefer a more fitted look, opt for a tight-fitting top such as a fitted tank top or a cropped top. This can create a streamlined silhouette and provide support during your yoga practice.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more relaxed and comfortable look, you can pair your yoga pants with a loose-fitting top such as a flowy t-shirt or a slouchy hoodie. This can give you more freedom of movement and a casual, laid-back vibe. Ultimately, the key is to choose a top that makes you feel comfortable and confident while practicing yoga.

Which yoga pants should you wear to yoga class?

When choosing yoga pants for your class, consider what you like, the type of yoga you're doing, and how much money you have to spend. Do you like pants that go up high or sit lower? Do you want them long or shorter? Do you like them tight or a bit loose? If you're doing hot yoga, you'll want pants that let your skin breathe. And don't forget your budget—there are pants in all price ranges. 

Look for pants made from fabric that lets air through and feels nice on your skin, like special workout materials. And make sure they're not see-through when you bend over! You can find yoga pants online at places like Everyday Yoga. 

What type of shoes should I wear with my yoga pants?

yoga pants

The perfect shoes to complement your yoga pants depend on two main factors:

Activity: Are you wearing them for a yoga class, running errands, or a casual outing? 

Style: Do you want a sporty, dressed-up, or comfy casual vibe?

Here's a breakdown of some popular choices:

1. For Yoga Class

When it comes to footwear for yoga, you have a couple of options to consider. Athletic shoes are a classic choice, providing good arch support and flexibility. They can offer stability during certain poses and are especially useful if you have specific foot concerns.

On the other hand, going barefoot or wearing yoga socks can enhance your connection to the ground. And it promotes a sense of groundedness and stability, which can be helpful for balance. Ultimately, it's a matter of personal preference and comfort.

Some practitioners prefer the support of shoes, while others enjoy the freedom. Choose the option that feels best for you and allows you to immerse yourself in your yoga practice.

2. For Errands or Casual Outings

When wearing yoga pants, you have many shoe options. Sneakers are stylish and practical, especially low-tops for a sleek look. Ballet flats or loafers add sophistication. Sandals like gladiators or sporty ones work, too; make sure they're comfy with good arch support, especially for long wear. But some styles to avoid: 

High heels: Not ideal for the comfort or flexibility needed with yoga pants.

Formal shoes: Loafers or dress shoes can look out of place with the casual style of yoga pants.

Super strappy sandals: They can be uncomfortable for walking long distances.

How do I choose yoga clothes that fit my style?

Here's how to pick yoga clothes that reflect your unique style. First, you Identify your style and personality.

● Sporty

● Trendy

● Minimalist

● Boho-chic

● Mix and Match

Many brands cater to various styles, such as Nike, Adidas, IUGA, and Lululemon. Compare pieces from different brands based on color, pattern, or style. Solid colors are versatile and easy to mix and match. Choose neutrals for a minimalist vibe or bolder colors to make a statement. Patterns can add personality. Stripes and geometric patterns can create a modern look, while florals or paisley can add a touch of boho flair.

Play with different top and bottom combinations

● Fitted top + fitted pants

● Loose top + fitted pants

● Fitted top + loose pants (like joggers)

Confidence is key. Choose clothes that make you feel good and enjoy different experiences. 


To improve your yoga practice, it's important to wear the right clothes. Choose pants made of good material that helps keep you dry. Pair them with comfy tops and simple shoes. This will help you move better and feel more comfortable during yoga.

Remember to bring items such as a yoga mat, towel, and water bottle to class. They'll help you stay comfortable and do your best, and if you don't own one already, you can pick up some comfortable yoga accessories at IUGA to enhance your yoga class experience. You can also add fun colors and patterns to your yoga clothes to show off your style and make yoga fun.


1. Is it appropriate to wear yoga pants in public? 

In the realm of fashion and personal style, the choice of attire is highly personal and varies across different cultures. In the United States, the norms around casual wear have evolved to embrace a wide range of styles, including yoga pants. They are not only acceptable for women but increasingly for men as well.

The key is in how they are styled and the context in which they are worn. Like any piece of clothing, yoga pants can be a part of a well-considered outfit. Feel free to express your personal style, keeping in mind the setting and how you pair them with other pieces of clothing.

2. Can I wear a sweater with yoga pants?

Absolutely! Pairing yoga pants with a sweater can create a chic, comfortable look suitable for various casual settings. To enhance the outfit further, consider layering with an oversized denim jacket. This combination not only elevates your style but also ensures comfort throughout the day. The versatility of yoga pants allows for numerous styling options, making them a staple in modern casual wear.

3. What is the difference between leggings and yoga pants?

Leggings and yoga pants, while often used interchangeably, do have distinct differences. The most noticeable difference lies in their waistbands; leggings typically feature a thinner waistband, whereas yoga pants boast a wider, often foldable waistband for added comfort and support. Material-wise, yoga pants are usually crafted from thicker, more opaque fabrics, offering better coverage and durability.

Additionally, traditional yoga pants often feature a flared bottom, a style not commonly found in leggings, which are typically tight-fitting from the waist down to the ankles. This distinction highlights the functional and stylistic differences between the two, making each suited to different activities and preferences.

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