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Why is yoga so hard?

by GA IU 18 Apr 2023

Yoga is hard. It's not something you can push through—you have to hold each pose for several deep breaths, and it might make you feel uncomfortable. But here's the thing: The more you practice yoga, the stronger your muscles become and the more flexible you get. So if you stick with it, yoga will help make your body feel better overall!


You can't push through yoga.

One of the biggest problems with not pushing through yoga is that it's a competition. You're not getting a gold star for being able to do an advanced pose like Lord of the Dance or Cobra, and you're not going to be punished if you can't do them. Yoga isn't about how much you can do, but rather how much you can learn.

The other problem with pushing through yoga is that it's not in tune with how your body works best: by listening to what it tells you and responding accordingly. If your hips hurt when doing downward dog, then don't force yourself into downward dog! Instead, find another way to stretch your hips (like pigeon pose) until they're ready for downward dog again; maybe even try something totally different like forearm balance instead if there are certain poses that always give you trouble!


Yoga is about more than poses.

Yoga is about more than just the poses. It's a journey and an experience, not just something you do for 20 minutes twice a week at the gym. When you practice yoga, you learn to be patient with yourself as your body adjusts to new movements and sensations. You also learn to be calm in the midst of chaos around you—that's essential for everyone who wants to live their best life!

Yoga is not just about practice; it's about living your life in accordance with those principles. That can come in many forms: maybe it means finding some time each day for meditation or paying attention during stressful moments throughout your day instead of reacting impulsively (which we all tend to do). In other words, practicing yoga doesn't mean that you'll magically become perfect—you're still going to face challenges every day—but having these skills will help ease some of them along the way!


You have to hold each pose for several deep breaths.

You have to hold each pose for several deep breaths. When you’re first starting out, this can feel like an eternity; but it’s actually pretty important. You see, the deeper you breathe during a yoga session, the more oxygen gets into your body and muscles—and the less pain they feel. So while holding poses may seem like it takes up too much time in your practice (or worse: makes you feel like giving up), it actually helps prevent injuries and gives you a chance to work on relaxing your body before moving on to other poses.


Yoga will make you feel uncomfortable.

Yoga is a practice, not a workout. It's about the journey, not the destination. When you start your yoga practice, you'll likely find it challenging to stay present during class—it may seem difficult at first to maintain focus on what your instructor is asking of you instead of being caught up in thoughts or emotions that arise during class. But this isn't something to be discouraged by; rather than thinking of these moments as failures or struggles, think about why they're happening: maybe there's something important for your mind and body to learn from them?


If there's anything I've learned from my own experience with yoga, it's this: Yoga will make me feel uncomfortable. And that's okay! There's no way around it—we're constantly working out muscles we never knew existed and stretching parts of our bodies we didn't even know could move like that! That level of discomfort is necessary for growth (and results!). So embrace those feelings and words from teachers like "No pain no gain" or "You got this."


It might be hard, but it's worth sticking with yoga.

It's true that yoga is a journey that takes time, but it's so worth sticking with. Yoga is a practice, which means you'll get better at it over time as you keep practicing. It also means that if your body or mind are feeling cranky one day, try again tomorrow—and don't beat yourself up about it!

Yoga can be difficult because of all the physical challenges we face in our everyday lives: sitting at desks all day, carrying heavy bags on our shoulders, dealing with stress from work or school. But remember: yoga isn't just about building strength and flexibility; it's also an opportunity to connect with your breath and mind and find moments of stillness in the midst of a busy life.



Yoga is hard, but it's worth sticking with. It might take a while before you find the practice that works for you, but if you keep at it and don't give up on yourself then the benefits will come eventually. Remember: yoga is about more than just stretching—it's about learning how to be present in your own body as well as with others around you

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