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10 Best Yoga Pants of 2024

10 Best Yoga Pants of 2024

Yoga has evolved beyond mere physical exercise. It's a lifestyle embraced by millions worldwide. As yoga gains popularity, so does the demand for comfortable and stylish yoga wear. One essential piece that every yogi should have in their wardrobe is a pair of reliable yoga pants. Let's dive into the top 10 yoga pants making waves in 2024.

Yoga pants and comfy athleisure clothes are everywhere in fashion now! Many people love them because more folks are interested in doing yoga, and we all want cozy clothes for yoga. Some fitness influencers on social media also helped make them super popular.

No matter why, yoga pants are now a must-have in the closets of millennials and Generation Z.

We’ve rounded up the 10 best pairs of yoga pants of 2024 to see how good they are, how they look, how comfortable they are, and how easy they work. At the same time, you can also check out our previous summary of the top 10 yoga pants brands in 2023. Let’s explore it together!


We liked the Manduka pants because they met all our criteria. The design is well thought out, with minimal seams, and the material is soft like butter. They're also light and let air through, which is great for yogis.

They cost $85, which is higher and might be too expensive for some people. Also, these leggings attract lint and pet hair, which might be a problem for those with pets.

Despite these downsides, we love the Manduka Evolve Leggings and think they're worth the investment, even if you need to buy some lint rollers. Check out the full review to find out why they're so great!

Specs & Features

Ideal for: Various exercises, particularly excellent for hot Yoga.

Material: 19%Spandex, 81% Nylon

Inseam: 25 inches

Care Instructions: Wash in cold water with light-colored items and dry on low heat.

Finish: Matte with a subtle shine – Falls between an eggshell and semi-gloss finish. 



quality materials and are well-constructed

Limited inseam options



focus on sustainability




Suppose you're on a tight budget but will maintain comfort. Let us introduce you to Yogalicious. Priced at just $35, these pants surprisingly rank among the softest we've tried.

The Nude Tech High Waist Yogalicious pants became our favorites for comfort and other impressive features. The flattering cut and stylish color options make them stand out in fashion. The fabric, while thin, maintains its opacity even when stretched. And provide light compression that offers gentle support in the right places.

These pants are comfy for relaxing or easy exercises, but only some love them. They're thin, so they don’t hide cellulite well and might not be great at stopping sweat. Also, some worry that these pants might only last briefly because they're thin and might get little balls on the fabric.

If you have pets, choosing a different fabric is good unless you always have your lint roller nearby. Explore our full review for more details.

Specs & Features

Ideal for: Yoga, Pilates, and leisure

Material: 14%Spandex, 86% Polyester

Inseam:  28 inches

Care Instructions: Wash in cold water with light-colored items and dry on low heat.

Finish: Matte



soft and comfortable

fabric may not offer complete coverage

Affordable Price


providing adequate coverage




Halara is a famous brand of clothes you can wear for sports and daily. They make clothes that make you look good, are useful, and don't cost too much. People like their Cloudful leggings; now their Super Flares are very popular. These pants make you look taller and have a fun, old-fashioned style.

They care a lot about how the clothes look and how well they fit, rather than being great for intense activities. You can see that they thought a lot about how to make the clothes.

A unique waistband that makes you appear slimmer. The seams at the back of their pants are designed to make them fit better. The bottoms of the pants are made to make you look taller.

Additionally, the material they use provides good coverage without feeling heavy. Halara is mentioned as a brand owned by a woman, and you can notice it when you try on their clothes.

Specs & Features

Ideal for: Yoga and other activities

Material: 21%Elastane, 79% Polyester

Inseam: 31.5 inches-  32.5 inches

Finish: Matte



Extremely Soft

front middle seam

Flattering design







The Gym People

The Gym People's high waist leggings are well-liked by people who go to the gym, lift weights, and run. They cover well, have useful pockets, and are good for staying comfortable during workouts.

Even though many people on Amazon gave them good ratings, there are some important things to know. One big issue is that the fabric in the product description may differ from what you get in the leggings. Some reviews on Amazon say that the fabric is different for different colors. This can confuse shoppers because they must know exactly what they're getting.

Also, some users say the leggings can slide down, especially if you put heavy things in your pockets. Even though these leggings are okay for the gym and are liked by runners, we want to be careful about recommending them because of these problems. Reading our complete review is a good idea to make a smarter choice.

Specs & Features 

Ideal for: Running and Workout

Material:  12%Spendex, 88% Polyester

Care Instructions: Wash in cold water with light-colored items and dry on low heat.

Inseam: 25 inches

Finish: High Sheen



Excellent Coverage

Not most comfortable

Don't show sweat.


Functional Pockets


The substance does not accumulate lint or attract pet hair.




When we opened the Butterluxe Lounge Leggings, the fabric felt like Yogalicious Nude Techs or the older Lululemon Aligns – soft and brushed.

They are incredibly soft, and the light compression makes it feel like you're wearing almost nothing. Above all, these leggings are comfortable.

These yoga pants have received high ratings on Amazon, but a few issues stood out in customer reviews. Leggings that are this soft often have problems with pilling, which are no different. Some reviews also mention issues with them sliding down during exercise and showing sweat.

However, considering their softness, the price is hard to beat. These are a great choice if you need a pair of yoga pants for casual activities like going to the grocery store or lounging at home. But if you want something more durable, try heavier options like The Athleta Salutations or The Gym People yoga pants.

Specs & Features

Ideal for: Created for yoga or casual lounging.

Material:  81%Polymaide, 19% Lycra

Size: XXS- XL

Inseam:25 inches  or 28 inches

Finish: Brushed




Show Sweat



Seamless finish



Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is a top brand for eco-friendly workout clothes, and their Compression Pocket Leggings are fantastic for staying active. These leggings give good compression, keep you dry, and cover you well with a pet-friendly spandex-like feel.

The waistband might slip during activities, even if you choose a smaller size. They're great for the gym but might be better for running or fast Yoga.

They usually cost $88, but you can get them for $70 on Amazon. They may not be the most affordable, but they're not the priceiest either. Girlfriend Collective cares greatly about being fair to workers and helping the environment. Considering all that, along with the cool yoga pants you get, the price is fair.

Specs & Features

Ideal for: high activities such as running, Bikram, or Vinyasa.

Material: 21%Spandex, 79% recycled plastic bottles (RPET)

 Size: XXS-6XL

Inseam: 28.5 inches

Finish: sheen



Durable Material

Sagging Waistband

Highly Eco-friendly


Squat Proof



Lululemon Pant

Lululemon is known for making good yoga pants that many people love. Align leggings, designed for Yoga, offer an exceptional blend of comfort and flexibility. Constructed from the durable and non-transparent Nulu™ fabric. These leggings provide the perfect balance of stretch and compression. Remarkably, they manage to stay cool and light throughout your yoga practice.

Despite their higher price point, many find it worthwhile due to the brand's commitment to quality and service. Lululemon backs its products with a Quality Promise, permitting customers to return leggings for a refund if they're dissatisfied, no matter how much they've been used.

While spending over $100 on leggings might seem steep, it becomes a sensible choice for those seeking durable, long-lasting activewear. Please read our detailed review to discover why they're awesome and worth the price.

Specs & Features

Ideal for: Yoga, Hot Yoga, Pilates

Material: 81%Nylon, 19% Lycra

Inseam: 25 inches, 28 inches, 31inches

Care Instructions: Wash in cold water with light-colored items and dry on low heat

Finish: Matte




Light Pilling Between Thighs

Soft and comfortable during wearing


Quality Promise



The Athleta Salutation Stash Tights maintain the brand's quality standards. While not initially soft, they offer a comfortable stretch and a snug fit when worn. The compression is generally gentle, except for the thick waistband, which offers effective tummy control. Although the fabric is thin, especially when stretched, these leggings pass the squat test.

Beyond their commitment to sustainability and fair labor practices. The brand is actively working towards inclusivity. The Salutation yoga pants cater to various body types, offering many inseam options for tall and petite women in different sizes.

These leggings excel in tummy control and cellulite coverage. The robust compressive waistband ensures they stay in place during intense workouts. Explore our comprehensive review for more in-depth insights.

Specs & Features

Ideal for Most workouts, although it might feel a bit thin in colder climates.

Material: 75% Nylon, 25% Elastane

Inseam: 23 inches, 25 inches, 28 inches

Size: XXS-3XL

Care Instructions: Wash in cold water with light-colored items and dry on low heat

Finish: Matte



High performing material

Relatively expensive

Great coverage





Beyond Yoga Pants

Beyond Yoga is a trusted yoga brand loved by yogis and instructors alike. Their spacedye material is high-quality but tends to be warmer. The leggings offer a four-way stretch, medium compression, and roomy thigh pockets for large smartphones.

The Beyond Yoga Spacedye Midi Leggings excel in quality, performance, and exceptional comfort. The incredibly soft material and the gentle embrace of medium compression create a luxurious feel. The thick material makes them ideal for chilly winter months.

Notably, Beyond Yoga Pants feature a varied pattern that cleverly hides cellulite and sweat. The fabric is soft high-performing and safe for washing and drying. These leggings are the top choice for cellulite coverage and easy laundry days.

Specs & Features

Ideal for: Low to medium activities

Material: 87%Polyster, 13% Spandex

Inseam: 24 inches

Size: XXS-4X

Care Instructions: Wash in cold water with light-colored items and dry on low heat

Finish: Jersy 



High-quality soft material

Not sweat proof



Thick and warm material



Alo Yoga Pants

Alo brands itself as a trendy yoga label, highlighting its ties to the Los Angeles yoga culture with endorsements from influencers such as Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid. Priced similarly to Lululemon, their Airbrush leggings can reach around $100. While they boast a fashionable image, these pants don't match up in quality to Lululemon High Rises, lacking the meticulous construction and lifetime warranty that justify the latter's price.

While the Alo leggings excel in style, they disappoint in quality, performance, and comfort. Many reviews highlight issues like pilling, holes forming between the thighs, and the thin fabric revealing sweat and cellulite. Positive feedback mainly focuses on the flattering fit and effective compression.

If you seek yoga pants for a stylish brunch look but want to avoid them for hot Yoga, Alo might be the perfect choice.

Specs & Features

Ideal for: Casual brunch and relaxed lounging.

Material: 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex

Inseam: 28 inches for XXS, XS, and S

              28.5 inches for M, L, and XL

Care Instructions: Wash inside out with similar colors in cold water on a gentle cycle. Avoid using bleach. Tumble dry on a low setting.

Finish: Matte 



High Compression

Not the most comfortable

flattering fit




No useless Pockets



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