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IUGA 3 Packs High Impact Racerback Sports Bra
IUGA High Impact Racerback Sports Bra wine
IUGA High Impact Racerback Sports Bra wine
IUGA High Impact Racerback Sports Bra wine
IUGA High Impact Racerback Sports Bra wine
IUGA 3 Packs High Impact Racerback Sports Bra
IUGA 3 Packs High Impact Racerback Sports Bra black&gray&wine
IUGA 3 Packs High Impact Racerback Sports Bra black&green&wine
IUGA 3 Packs High Impact Racerback Sports Bra black&gray&green
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3 Packs-black+green+maroon
3 Packs-black+dark gray+green
3 Packs-black+dark gray+maroo
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3 Packs-black+dark gray+pink
Color 3 Packs-black+dark gray+green
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SPU: IB802

Fabric:90% Polyester, 10% Spandex


IUGA high-impact racerback sports bra offers superior coverage and excellent support, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for all your intense activities. The ultra-soft fabric delivers a smooth and soft feel against your skin. Featuring wide shoulder straps, this sports bra evenly distributes the pressure and reduces strain on your shoulders, ensuring enhanced stability and support. The removable pads allow you to adjust the level of support and shape based on your needs. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry. Whether you're engaging in high-impact activities like running, cycling, or intense gym sessions, this sports bra is the perfect companion.

  • Ultra-Soft & Great Coverage
  • Removable Pads & Wide Straps
  • Lightweight & Seamless
  • Perfect for Any Exercise
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    Avoid Ironing:
    Refrain from using iron on yoga pants to prevent damage to the fabric's elasticity and specialized features.

    No Bleach:
    Do not use bleach when cleaning yoga pants, as it can weaken the fabric and compromise its color integrity.

    Separate Colors:
    Wash yoga pants separately to avoid color bleeding.

    Turn Inside Out:
    Turn the pants inside out before washing to protect the outer fabric.

    Cold Water Wash:
    Use cold water to wash yoga pants to prevent shrinkage and color fading.

    Mild Detergent:
    Use a mild detergent suitable for delicate fabrics.

    Gentle Cycle:
    Opt for a gentle cycle on the washing machine to preserve fabric elasticity.

    Air Dry:
    Air-dry yoga pants instead of using a dryer to prevent shrinkage and maintain elasticity.

    Avoid Direct Sunlight:
    Dry in the shade to prevent color fading from direct sunlight exposure.

    Store Carefully:
    Fold yoga pants neatly when storing them to prevent wrinkles and maintain shape.

    Check Labels:
    Always check care labels for specific instructions from the manufacturer.


    4th Gen Butter Fabric Technology

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    Grant Palmer

    This bra is so comfortable! It is not a good bra for any kind of high impact cardio but it’s great for yoga or low impact workouts. I’ve just been wearing it around the house because it’s so comfy. True to size with ample stretch to get on and off.

    Vuyokazi Letsoalo

    I’m so happy with this purchase. I was skeptical about them fitting (I’m a 42G) but they fit.

    Aliyah Hayes

    Nothing disliked, perfect solution

    Kavon Pagac

    I’d still give these a thumbs up for high impact. I run marathons as a reference so I now wear these bras on my regular training run days (4-7 miles) and then I’ll save my pricey name brand ones for my long run of the week. For the price, I have no complaints

    Chinedu Obiageli

    These are great 2x